We are Brotherhood, a new design studio based in England, with Jamie, Fabio and Cassius at the helm. We have over 20 years of combined experience, and we know a thing or two about designing
websites and mobile apps.

Great design and usability are the two most important aspects of your product, and you need to nail them down as early as possible, ideally during your planning-stage. We are here to help you achieve the best results and kickstart your product. We like to work with people that have a good sense of design and understand their users and their end goal. Tell us about your background, about your customers, and any specific goals you’ll want to achieve. We will ask the right questions and present you with a plan of action ready to conquer the digital world!


These are some of the most recent clients we have had the pleasure of working with.

  • –  GoDaddy — UX Consulting, UI, Web Design and Implementation.
  • –  Pinecone — UX Consulting, UI, Web Design and Implementation.
  • –  Rosemary Conley — UI Consulting and Web Design.
  • –  ABC Family — Consulting, mobile redesign and Web Design.
  • –  Photojojo — Mobile UI Consulting and Design, Animation.
  • –  Fatsoma — Web design and art direction
  • –  Qantas — iOS design, UX direction and in–app animations
  • –  Samsung — Android redesign
  • –  Yuno Juno — Web, mobile design and art direction
  • –  Bizzby — iOS redesign, animations and UX direction
  • –  Porsche — iOS redesign


We keep on growing.

  • –  Vic Bell — Illustrator – Because we couldn't survive without her amazing skills.
  • –  Scott Riley — Front-end developer – tattoos and awesomeness.
  • –  Dan Thomas — Designer – games, amazing wireframes and planning.
  • –  Joe Smith — Front-end, Back-end developer – because one front-ender is never enough.


It used to be just the two of us, but now we are six, and we are busy duelling designing new experiences all the time. We are always looking for great new opportunities, get in touch, let us know how your product will solve problems, and why it is exciting, let’s brainstorm it together.

  • Don’t you like filling in forms? Contact us directly using our email address — we will get back within 24 hours.